Belted Ammunition - just images

Following another discussion here I thought I am going to post various images of belted ammunition I have collected over the years in the internet.

Some of the images is not showing how ammo is linked but also how it “links” with people.

Please DO NOT run a discussion here on what round and what belt is in which gun.
If interest occurs please extract the image from here and open a new thread as otherwise we will have a total chaos as for who is referring to what.

If somebody has more images showing belted ammo please post.
But no “rare link examples” or so showing 5 or 10 rounds. This again can be done in separate threads.
This here is for “bulk”.

12.7x108_belted_Russia 20x99R_ShVAK_loading_Russia 23x115_belted for SPPU-23 gun pod_Russia 23x115_various_China (2) 23x115_various_China--- 23x260_R-23_dummies_Russia 25x183B_China (4) 30x28B_Kaveh-30_AGS-17_Iran 30x165_belt_Russia (2) 30x165_Iran 30x165_Russia-
(upload://s3q2X9vten67HvCRLZAa7s3iosX.jpeg) 37x240_China- 40x158R_HE_belted_England-- 40x158R_HE_belted_England--- P47_belts_USA


Need more great photos like this!

i noticed rare picture of 23mm richter and 37mm chinese

Well spotted!

Fantastic photos, I will have to search through my photos soon as I know I have plenty as well!

Regarding the linked 23x230 Rihkter, did they use specific links for that cartridge?

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Yes, only used with the R-23.
But in 23x260 not 230.

Yes sorry 260, I ask as I have a cartridge so if I could ever find the link for it, that would be great!

I wish I had more time…


After a rummage through some of the less frequently visited corners of my computer, here’s what I found. Most of these were saved not for the gun and defintely not for the belt, but for something else of interest in the picture.

Austrian Hansa-Brandenburg (Schwarzlose)

Austrian Hansa-Brandenburg aeroplane with wing mounted Schwartzlose air-cooled machine gun

Browning M1917

Browning M1917

Italian Loading Blocks

Italian loading blocks

Indirect Fire

Indirect fire



Could that be Val Browning demonstrating the M1917 machine gun?

It was so:

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I almost forgot, here my 2 favourites!

And this one we had shown in another discussion before.


THX For sharing!


Combat loadout.



Looks like inside an AC-47?

UH-1 with armament subsystem equipped with a M134 Minigun.

The interior looks quite large for an UH-1 then.

It could be the picture perspective:

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