Belted Case Patent


Does anyone have any reference for Georg Roth (AG) of Vienna, Austria, holding the patent for the belted case? I was told he registered the patent in London on 1891. Is this true?


H.H. Lake took out a patent for G.Roth in England on 31 March 1891 for a belted case which far preceedes English use of this case type. Several Roth belted case types from 1889-1892 are known but all appear to have been Military experimentals and Roth seemed to have abandoned the use of this case type by 1893.


Would anyone have documentation of this like patent drawings or other papers?


One may check Mötz’s book, If my memory is not all gone it was in there somewhere - or it was an ECRA bulletin article maybe…


This is the patent abridgement of specifications. As Brad says, the application was communicated by George Roth to H. H. Lake of Haseltine, Lake & Co., patent agents in Leeds.


EOD and Fede thank you very much for the information.


Hi Fede,
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