Bench rest wildcats from 6 mm Norma BR?

Are there some bench rest wildcats based on the 6 mm Norma BR case simply necked up or down without other changes?
I know the 6,5 mm PPC and the 7 mm PPC but never heard something about a 6,5 mm Norma BR or a 7 mm Norma BR


The 7mm BR is a factory cartridge. There are 22, 25, 6.5mm, and 30 that I’m aware of. Probably others as well. They are made from the Norma, LAPUA, or the Remington brass as well as the URBR.


Yes there are a bunch of them. Wildcatters have taken the 6mm BR Norma case and have gone both up and down in bullet diameter. I’ve seen .20BR’s, 22, 25, 6.5mm, 277, 7mm, 30, 338, 358 and 375 all on the Norma case. The same rounds can also be made from the 6mm BR Remington case. The primary difference between the Remington 6BR case, and the Norma 6BR is a longer neck on the Norma brass. The Remington case length is 1.520, while the Norma case length is 1.560.

I’ve been personally shooting a 6.5mm BR based on the Norma case for handgun metallic silhouette competition since 1991.

IHMSA is right about the other calibers. I was responding only about Benchrest wildcats.

There are a few other minor differences in case dimensions between the 4 brands. But they are basically the same case. The loaded ammunition is slightly different too.

Shooters tend to identify their cartridges based on the brand of case but they are all basically a BR.


True, my bad…Pivi DID ask about benchrest wildcats. Guess I didn’t read the question carefully enough. Must be OGS setting in.


Always good to learn about others. Now that I think about it, I’ll bet Pivi was not interested in just Benchrest wildcats but any wildcat that could be made by simply necking a BR case up or down.

Am I right Pivi?


Well,sorry for the mess I made…

I was asking about wildcats based on the 6 mm Norma BR CARTRIDGE not any BR case of Norma brand, simply necked up or down.I have found several of these cases in a drawer and I’d like to make some wildcat that already exist , for example 6,5 mm , 277 and 7 mm versions.For bench rest or hunting purposes

Anyway , I have several 6 PPC cases too that I can modify them into some of the variations listed above.I have already done the 6,5 PPC and I will make the 7 mm variation too


You didn’t make a mess.

You have to understand that the 6mm BR Norma is not really any different than the 6mm BR Remington, the LAPUA 6mm BR Norma, or the Remington URBR formed to 6mm BR dimensions. There are just minor differences between them, the same as you will find minor differences between different brands of any case.

For example, a 6.5mm BR such as IHMSA uses can be made from any of the 4 cases. He chooses to use the Norma brass. Another shooter may decide to use the Remington brass but the cartridge will be the same.

A 7mm bullet in a 6mm BR Norma case will be no different than a Remington 7mm BR factory cartridge so you can’t really say that you have made a wildcat. I could make the same cartridge from, say, a 308W case and it still would not be a wildcat. It would simply be a 7mm BR made from 308W brass.

Most of the confusion surrounding the BR series of cartridges comes from shooters who add the case brand to the name of the cartridge. Shooters know what they are talking about but someone new to the game gets very confused, very quickly. I visit several “shooting” forums and one of the most frequently asked questions is, “What’s the difference between a 6BR Norma and a 6BR Lapua?” Answer - the only difference is the headstamp.

By the way, the BR isn’t the only example of this. I can name several others where different names are attached to identical cartridges.

Side-stepping to the PPC for a second, I don’t know of a 27 or 28 PPC but there are 20, 25, and 30 versions used in Benchrest. I’m not saying that a 27 and 28 do not exist, only that I’m not familiar with them. Maybe IHMSA knows of others that are used in Silhouette.

And a 6.5mm PPC made from 220 Russian or from a SAKO 6mm PPC will be the same cartridge.

Are you thoroughly confused now? I don’t blame you.