Benchrest ammo

What ammo are they using? I hope nobody is shooting back.

I don’t know what ammo is being used but I do know it’s the least of the guy without the rifle’s problems ;)

It is the Accuracy International sniper rifle in British service. I think it is the L96 in 7.62 x 51 calibre, as neither the magazine or the receiver gap look big enough for the .338 Lapua version, but I could be wrong.


He’s helpless if they’re attacked. Bolt’s open.
If they’re attacked they’re gonna be caught with their pants down.

This is, of course, a posed shot taken on a rifle range. However, despite its odd look, it is a rather sensible “field expedient” for taking a long shot with no natural or artificial rest available. At the rangers snipers operate at, if openly attacked, they would have plenty of time to recover so both men are defensively operative. If attacked from clse in, meaning they were totally unaware of enemy presence around them, they would be goners even if both were in the normal Sniper/spotter offensive posture. Snipers are trained observers, so the chance of that happening, although not impossible, is unlikely.

I assume these troops are Brits, although I can’t hardly recognize even the American uniforms anymore, fifty years out of the service as I am. They have excellent sniper training and good sniper weapons.