Benchrest Wilcats II

Most of you have seen these six before but they are my favorites and worth another look.

The first three are Ursine Loudenboomers. Ponder the names and you’ll see the connection.

308 Baer (340 WBY Mag)
30 Boo Boo (8x68S)
338 Yogi (338 Lapua Mag)

The next three are just funny.

6.5 Fat Cat (25 WSSM)
30 Fat Albert (284 Win)
50 Fat Mac (20mm Vulcan)

More tomorrow.

The .50 Fat Mac is at the top of my wish list, I had to check the word Ursine in a dictionary :)

Where else could you improve your English and drool over Wildcats…

Is the fat cat simply the 25 WSSM necked up?If yes,I can easily do it with my primitive tools


Yes, that’s all it is. But it’s a long range Benchrest cartridge so it should have a heavy HPBT bullet. I think I sent you a couple of those bullets, didn’t I ?

There is a very similar hunting cartridge called the 6.5mm Heaton.


Yes,you did.Very simple wildcat to make

I have info about an entire line of wildcats based on the 8 x 68 S case like the boo boo one .Your round looks like of improved design . I have recently necked up the 8 x 68S to .338" …if it does actually exist it should be very similar to a " .338 boo boo" round

The 308 Baer should be almost identical to the 300 Ackley magnum / 300 AMU cartridge

.17 Flintstone Super Eyebunger