Benchrest Wilcats

Did I hear somebody say that Benchrest shooters have no sense of humor? Well I’m here to tell, and show, you that they do. I’ve rounded up a bunch of Benchrest cartridges with monikers that will make you chuckle. I could fill your flat-screen monitor for days but will hold back and show you a few each day. Are they funny? Yes. Are they really funny? C’mon, they’re cartridges.

l to r

30 Ware Wolf
30 Wolf Pup
6.5 Boa
22 Guppy
6mm Guppy
30 Aardvark

Ok,Ray but you should list the parent cartridges because the first one is very 308 - shaped and the last one very 30 - 30 shaped ( or 30 - 40) to me…

I’d like to see the Meketa wildcats too …

OK Pivi, just for you:

30 Ware Wolf made from 243W
30 Wolf Pup made from 6mm BR
6.5 Boa made from 7mm Mauser
22 Guppy made from 220 Swift
6mm Guppy made from 220 Swift
30 Aardvark made from 30 American

Wait until you see the next ones. I’ll be sure to list the parent case.


I can’t get enough of wildcats, I think they’re great. I only have the .30 Aardvark in that lot.

I like the .30 Wolf pup.

I think there should be a new forum just for Wildcats and those that are unhinged enough to drool over them ;)

More pictures please Ray.

We could start a Wildcat Only Forum, but then we would be swamped with requests for a .450 Revolver Forum.

What are the differences between the 30 aardvark and the 30 American ( which is a 30 - 30 Winchester with small primer pocket)?

I put a pointed FMJ bullet into my 30 american sample and it looks like identical to the aardvark round pictured

mmmhh…I think it could had been blown out modifying the shoulder lenght too…


The original Aardvark was made from 30-30 brass. Shooters then asked Federal to make a special run of brass with a small primer pocket and special anneal to be used to form the Aardvark and other wildcat cartridges. The 30 American resulted from that request. The 30 American cases are very collectible today.

The Aardvark has to be fire-formed. Left is a 30 American case, next is an Aardvark, and right is a 30-30 Improved which is very similar to the Aardvark.

There are Benchrest shooters who still use the Aardvark. It is a very accurate cartridge.

Shooters have been trying to find out where the name Aardvark came from. I used to shoot with the designer and he told me that he picked the name as a joke. It doesn’t mean anything else.


I took this one for a guy doing an article on th 38-55 family (to show some wildcats based on the family). Anyway, there’s a AI, Africian and Aardvark in the mix.

Very few Benchrest shooters have rifles with bolts that will accept the rim of a 30-30 based case like the Aardvark. But that doesn’t stop them. Here are two Aardvarks with the rims turned to 308 and PPC dimensions. Left is an original.