Benet Primed .50 Army Pistol


I am including a shot of the headstamp because it has something written. The measurements are about 13x22mm, overall is about 31.5mm. Can this be .50 Remington Navy Mod. 1865 RF / .50 REM Navy RF? Since John Moss is back, I am sure I’ll have the whole story before I finish writing this post.


That looks to be an inside-primed case to me (the primer cup should be held against the centre of the base of the cartridge by those deep indents around the rim), so that round is likely to be a .50 Remington Army Centrefire.


I’m with SDC on this I think it’s the Army rd, the Navy rd has a straight/tapered case.


Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me, but it MIGHT be a Navy round; it seems like there could be a taper on the case, but it’s right where the background goes from light to dark, so I can’t tell for sure.


The easiest way to tell the .50 Remington Army Benet Primed from the Navy round is the rim diameter. The Army is usually about 0.670 while the Navy is about 0.643.


I must buy a new battery for my digital calipers, and I cannot tell beyond 1st decimal in mechanical calipers, but this cartridge has a well defined neck of about .515 with the body of about .53


Vlad–Now that you have provided a better picture, it is definently a Benet Primed .50 Army Pistol.