Bentley and Stirling brands outside of Australia?


During the 1970s and 80s cheap sporting ammo in common calibres was marketed under these names in Australia (calibres including 22 rimfires, 22 Hornet, 222, 223, 30M1 Carbine, 308Win). The Stirling ammunition was manufactured by Squires Bingham and the Bentley was PMC made (there may have been other manufacturers that I am unaware of). Some boxes are marked with the Manufacturers address while others have the Australian Importers address.

My question is, did these brand names get sold or marketed in other parts of the world? New Zealand is a likely candidate but anywhere else?


Stirling brand .22RF ammo was specifically sold in the Philippines, as “:Export quality” ammo…a sales Ploy…just because it was directed to the Australian market, it was deemed by Philippino shooters to be of better “quality” than the domestic stuff which Squires-Bingham sold in PI.( Frost " Ammunition Manufacture" NRA Publications).

AS to the Bentley brand, it was associated with certain Aussie Importers of Guns from “Interarms” (USA, UK and Monaco)…ie the Spanish Mausers and certain other rifles of IA origin. IA also contracted around the world for “Home Brand” ammo as well as selling surplus. SO whether the PMC packed Bentley ammo was a direct Aussie contract & distribution, or as part of the IA Gun purchase, I don’t know…Bentley also used Squires Bingham ammo as well.
S-B also made “Bentley” Pump shotguns as well.

Doc AV


The Stirling and Bentley names were used on a number of different hunting products, Bentley shotguns as you mentioned, Stirling rimfire rifles, Stirling scopes and I even own a Stirling Finlander 243 which is really a Tikka LSA55.
I suspect that these names were not used much, if at all outside of Aus/NZ as google searches get virtually no firearm related results apart from .au Australian websites (which are mostly selling used firearms).


Has anybody seen these brands of ammo sold anywhere else?
Anyone aware of Stirling or Bentley being sold through/by Interarms?
Rather than just bump this to the top with nothing of interest to add, here are a couple of examples of late 1970s advertising for Stirling and Bentley.

There is a story floating around in Australia that this professional rabbit shooter was ‘lubricated’ with alcohol to get him to pose for the photo and that he didnt use Stirling ammunition. Dont know if that has ever been confirmed though.

Recently produced Stirling rimfire. Highland Sports ‘evolved’ from Fuller Firearms. Most of Highlands ammunition is now marketed under the Highland brand name.

A screen shot from the Fuchs 223 book (I hope there is no issue with reproducing it here, please let me know if there is). This is an older packet but I am not sure of the date.


A little bit more info and another question.

Australian trademark documents for Bentley and Stirling. The stirling logo is the logo used on items other than ammo (like scopes and rifles).

Stirling was also registered as a trade mark in the early 2000s by Highland Sports but the owner was listed as China Mark Corporation Limited, Hong Kong.

I also have found an auction listing for a Bentley 22 hornet box with the MYRA Broken Hill Address and listed as being made by Myra. At what stage did Myra have a link to the Bentley brand? DocAV?

Also, does anyone have an image of a Bentley 22LR box?


I have these images of a few packets of Philippines 22 rimfire cartridges. Sorry about them being a littel out of focus.

This is the first time I have posted images on the Forum. How do I make the images smaller?


Thankyou for those pics Ian.
The pics do not appear too wide on my computer although they are rather tall. I tend to resize pics to be about 600 pixels wide which view well on my screen. I use a photo editing program to adjust the image size. There may be other easier options or even internet based options you might be able to use.

I dont recall having seen the Bentley box on any trade tables at the ACCA meets. I will keep my eye out as I am sure they are about.