Beobachtung Patrone (sectioned)


This is the hotter loaded -v- (verbessert, improved) variant for aircraft machine guns. The propellant, which contained PETN as an additional source of energy, was tubular unlike the ordinary flake type.
As per the text on the back side, this item seem to be from some Luftwaffe training kit.

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Peelen is absolutely correct. I had several of these plaques when I was collecting 7.9 x 57. They were from a long, wooden case that had vertical slots to fit these plaques. I don’t recall how many different were in one case - I have seen a full set at one of the Chicago cartridge shows - but it would guess it was twenty or over. I do recall the kit was from the Luftwaffe.

That one of the B-Patrone is a very nice one.

John M.

A Polte board is a very nice find. Congrats. -Ger

There are several different sets and the maximum capacity is 25 plaques, but I have never seen a complete example. Label identification may also be different, as number 13 is also the “I. S. Kal. 7,9”.

This is the box identification label of a set having 19 plaques. Only 13 are identified, the rest is “I. S. L’spur Kal. 7,9” (14), S.m.K. L’spur Üb. m. Z. Kal. 7,9" (15), “Platzpatrone 33” (16) and “Exerzier S. K.” (17).


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This shows a bullet next to what’s left after exploding!



Here a picture how the box looks.