Bergmann Grooveless Cartridges

Do any of the Bergmann Grooveless cartridges have headstamps?

I can’t remember seeing one headstamped and have 5 examples including the 8mm and none of them are headstamped, for whatever that’s worth.

While I am sure that none of the 5 mm Bergmann No. 2 M.94
and the 8 mm Bergmann-Schmeisser cartridge, both types
being "rimless-grooveless, are found with a headstamp, I do
have a headstamped 6.5 mm Bergmann No. 3 M.94, that
does have the following headstamp:

X / 96 / X / K * C

The letters “X” are plain as in the font typed here, but the
K & C are serifed letters.

The cartridge is, of course, brass-case and with brass primer
cup. The bullet is FMJ RN CNCS jacket.

I believe these are quite uncommon.

John Moss


Thank you. It seems hard to find very detailed information on Bergmann Cartridges, boxes and clips, let alone find those items for sale!

Thanks Again,

Jim Alley


Thank you for the information. I keep looking for one.

Thanks Again,

Jim Alley