Bergmann M1894 cartridge question

I have a 6.5mm Bergmann M1894 cartridge. But what is surprising is that this cartridge has a lead bullet. No jacket.
I’ve never seen an unjacketed Bergmann rounds before …
Is this typical equipment or …?
Thanx for any info…

inertammo - your 6.5 Bergmann Model 1894 (Rimless-Grooveless) round is perfectly legitimate, and a very nice specimen.

Although I have 60 Bergmann rounds in my collection, not counting the common 9 mm Bergmann-Bayard/9 mm Largo cartridge, the only lead bullets I have seen or have are also in the 6.5 mm Bergmann. I have one like yours, a rimless-grooveless round with no headstamp, and two of the Model 1896 type, with normal extractor groove, one with a groove in the bullet just abouve the case mouth and no headstamp, and one without the bullet groove, * D.M. * K headstamp.

I have never seen any other Bergmann case type, and I have all the case types as far as I know other than the 8 mm Rimless-Groovless, with a lead bullet.

In the 6.5 caliber, I believe they are among the scarcer loadings, but not positive of that fact. I am going simply on the length of time collecting that it took me to find specimens with lead bullets.

Great photo by the way! :slight_smile:

John Moss


Thanks a lot John! You dispelled my doubts.

I may well be reading this wrong but are you saying the 8mm rimless-grooveless is found with a lead bullet?
EB just notes jacketed,

Is it known who made the 6,5 model 1894 with lead bt and no h.s.,never came across any down here…

Pete - you are reading it wrong, but I helped lead you to that with awkward wording. What I meant to say was that even though I have every Bergmann case type except for the 8 mm Rimless-Grooveless, I have never seen any Bergmann cartridge other than the M94 and M96 case types loaded with a lead bullet. I have no idea why that is, either way. That is, why that basic 6.5 case type was chosen to be loaded with a lead bullet (as well as other types of bullet), and none of the other Bergmann types seem to have ever used them.

Regarding Eric’s question, I thought it was a PM as I first saw it in my email, and answered it as such. I didn’t want others here to think I am ignoring him.

John Moss

Thanks John.

No P M received from you,strange…maybe just my computer has issues 7 years old,some say it is old,expendable stuff ???


Eric - I don’t know what happened. I just spent about 100 dollars to have one email problem fixed in my computer, so hope it is another one cropping up. At any rate, the following is what I wrote to you:

Eric - I don’t know who made the Model 94 lead-bullet round, as it is uneadstamped, like most rounds of that case-type. If I was going to make a guess, I would say it was Deutsche Metallpatronenfabrik and if made after mide-1896, the same under the then-new name of Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken A.- G. (DWM). My 1896 Model round with lead bullet is headstamped from them, * D.M. * K. My 96 Model with a groove in the lead bullet at the case mouth is without headstamp, and I don’t know the reason for the groove, nor who made it.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

John Moss