Berry's Bullets "Hybrid Hollow Point" .45acp .40S&W

For those who dabble with the cartridges in .45acp & .40S&W, you might have encountered this odd looking bullet in the past few years. I had some of these in a .45GAP load from Double Tap ammo, and wasn’t sure what the bullet was until I came across it again today in an image from Berry’s Bullets. It is called the Hybrid Hollow Point (looks like an economy-grade Speer Gold Dot) and is offered in 185gr .45acp and 230gr .45acp, as well as a 180gr .40S&W. These came out over 3 years ago in early 2012, but I believe there is a gen-1 version, and a newer tweaked gen-2 version. The image on their website appears to be slightly different than what was out over a year ago, and looks more like a typical Gold Dot bullet.

It’s the sort of bullet you might see loaded by any of the small time manufacturers who don’t produce their own projectiles:

The first image below is what I think is the earlier version gen-1, and the 2nd image is what their website currently shows, and seems a little different with more exposed lead in the hollow point, and a more beveled opening:

The 9mm’s have been out for a while now also from Berry’s, but figured I would update this.

Rocky Mountain Reloading (RMR Bullets) also makes a somewhat similar projectile, aimed at the same market of budget-priced quasi-premium self defense loads with their “multi-purpose JHP”: These replace the previous more generic JHP they had before these came out just over a year ago, and the difference is shown below.

And then there is the Freeom Munitions “X-Def” line with it’s projectile that looks something between an XTP and a Gold Dot, also aiming for the same market segment:

Just to update on the Freedom Munitions “X-DEF” line mentioned above, Freedom is in some sort of limbo, or out-of-business, and LAX Ammo appears to have taken over the X-DEF line for sales (bought out Freedom’s interest in it?).

Here is a pre-production promo image of what they thought the product would look like in late 2016, before they ever had any made, they called it the XSD for Extreme Self Defense:

The original production-level box from Freedom Munitions looked like this in 2018:

And this is what the LAX website shows today (still with the X-TREME headstamps, and not yet with the custom “LAX” headstamp which LAX ammo has used for years now on their 9mm):