Bertonnet 7 mm Pinfire

Recently discovered, here is a 7 mm pinfire headstamped BERTONNET A’ BUENOS. Unlike the 9 mm variation, this one did not have enough space to include the full name “Buenos Ayres”.



Do you know if these were produced by or produced for (manufacturer?) Bertonnet (& Gobert?) of Buenos Ayres, Argentina?



Brian, it was made in Europe for one of the businesses using the Bertonnet name and it looks very similar to other cartridges made by Francotte, a once-popular manufacturer in Argentina. Since Bertonnet died in 1863, it was likely made when the shop was runned by his widow.

Many years ago an Argentine collector wrote and article where he cites a company formed by Bertonnet & Gobert, but I believe that he was confused with “Verney & Gobert” because I couldn’t find any trace of the existence of the former in contemporary sources.



Nice! However I feel bad for this cartridge, having to be all alone. I feel like it would have a much more comfortable life hanging out with its older, 9mm brother, in one of my cartridge drawers! =)


Thanks for the information!