Beschussamt Kiel

I rarely come across boxes with label or stamps from the Kiel Proof House. Any other examples?

38 Spl Canto Vivo-Wad-Cutter - 1a

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Never seen, they are about 30 mins from my place.

Didn’t Kiel close the doors already some years ago?

I knew about a German city called Kiel and that it was near the sea. Do you think that the Russian word “kiel” (the bottom part of the ship) derives itself from Kiel, maybe it was invented there? Sorry for this side question.

Vlad, indeed, the name of the city of Kiel is coming from the German word “Kiel” for the bottom part of a ship (English: keel - to what I know) as the city is a traditional ship building location.
But! Kiel is the old German term for “Keil” what means “wedge”. And when you look at old ships the keel there really is wedge shaped.
And as the bay of Kiel is wedge shaped it was named after this shape which then also was applied to the keel of ships.
So it is kinda intertwined wording for something wedge shaped that lead to all the meanings and names.
I am sorry for maybe not having the lingual ability to explain it any better.

And as Russia has taken over a lot of German technical vocabulary (and plenty of military too) it is no surprise to see “Kiel” (keel) being used in Russian language.


The Kiel proof house is located on the premises of the former SIG-Sauer factory, which settled there when Sauer moved from Suhl (Soviet Zone of Occupation).
It was indeed announced to be closed, but protests from the gun trade resulted in keeping it for the time being.
The probability that they will do ammunition tests in the future is quite low. When I tried to have some cartridges pressure tested, I was informed that for conducting pressure tests, an additional room would have to be rented, for which I would have to pay.

The proof house is named after the state capital Kiel, where the administration resides, to which it belongs. Its location is, as said, in the former SIG-Sauer factory in nearby Eckernförde, which in turn used an area formerly part of Torpedoversuchsanstalt (torpedo experimental facility).