Best sites for buying collector ammo/boxes

Howdy all…
What sites does everyone check out to find and buy items (ammo, boxes, etc.) for their collections? I have been scouting eBay and AuctionArms.
Any other recommendations?


Try Gunbroker too … rchLogic=0

Chris…Try Ray Giles site……or……or…Wards Collectibles…just to name a few…Randy

For single cartridges, why not

That’s a given!

As you are a Sears box collector, I have several really nice Sears Ted Williams boxes of .22 long rifle extra range cartridges fresh out of the brick. There are two variations of this box; these have a silver-colored bullet on the cartridge illustration, while the other has a copper-colored bullet. There’s a green tag on the end of the box with a price of $.99. They were made for Sears by the Western Cartridge Co; the headstamp is a large ‘S’. This box was replaced in 1979 by a red and white box format that no longer had Ted Williams’ name on it. Let me know if you are interested in one.