Best Sites to Sell Rare collectible cartridges?

As many of you know, my site leaves a lot to be desired. I have taken back to Gunbroker “blackgunammocom” to sell some items and collectibles.

I am thinking about selling some of my fathers collection on there. Or is there a better place?


For exposure to a large potential buying base of ammo buyers, there is currently nowhere better than Gunbroker. Their search engine however, leaves much to be desired since they changed it in recent years. It automatically includes descriptions in search results which floods searches with irrelevant results. They claim to have a relevance filter which puts the most relevant returns near the tp, but is garbage. So be careful with what choice words you use in the title and such, so as to get whatever relevant audience you are after.

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A guy named deCoux has an ammunition auction about once a year & I hear he works for the seller. He has a 15% commision & pays within 45 days of the auction close.
See a sample of his last sale at


I haven’t personnaly met this “guy” but it’s true that his auctions are well done and I already made some perfect trades with him and I think most of cartridges collectors wait and browse theses auctions, a good place to sell your items!!

thanks for the kind words Laurent

You’re welcome!;-)

thanks all - just getting back on Gunbroker has been interesting. Much improved over last time I was engaged. Fairly easy interface.


I gave up on them for their aforementioned “piss poor”’ ( jam other stuff in your face) search engine

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