Best sources of factory reloaded ammo?

I monitor a site to see what deals are floating around online for low ammo prices.

My usual threshold is whether I can get brass ammo for under $10/box when shipping is included. It’s rare that it goes that low for new ammo, which is why I usually just buy Federal Aluminum at Walmart or stock up when Cabela’s has some brand on sale at $10/box (frequently their own Herter’s brand, sometimes Blazer Brass).

Lately I see two sources of reloads coming up on that site frequently. One is Octane Munitions and the other is Ammo Valley . Neither has much of a website, and the latter doesn’t appear to even have contact info. Prices with shipping appear to be as low as $6/50 rounds for their factory reloaded ammo. Ammo Valley advertises newly manufactured ammo (their own) for around $8/box.

I can’t find any reviews of either of these sites. I know people who’ve ended up with broken guns using factory reloads and I don’t want to lose $500 (or fingers!) because I saved $20 on ammo.

Does anyone (a) know anything about these two sources above, good or bad? or (b) know of good, reputable suppliers of reliable factory reloads that cost under $10/50 rounds?
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