Best wishes for the new year

Best wishes to everybody for 2012 !

First at all a good health, it is the most important, then a lot of happiness for you and your family and a lot of good ctges!

A large amount of money also to buy ctges and be able to travel to go to great ctges shows.


The same to you Jeanpierre! We have not seen you for sometime now, when will you visit AZ again? Regards, JH

Hello Jim
I wanted to come in April but it is not possible (first I have only two weeks vacation to share between St Louis and Arizona- Nevada, it is not enough, and second the price of the ticket is a lot too much expansive, even buying it six months in advance)
I will try to come in september.
say Hello to Val and Pete when you see them!

best wishes

Happy HEALTHY New Year everyone :-)


Happy new year to all on the IAA forum.

Concerning the word “sex” in JP’s post:

There is another forum I visit (a car forum) where they warn against using words of that nature in posts. This is because various software automatically blacklists sites as adult content based on words found on the site. This apparently happened to the car forum, meaning that it could not be accessed from computers which had web content filters. Apparently getting the site off the blacklist once it is on is very difficult.

Just a word of caution based on steps taken by another forum.