Beth Woodin's Shot-Dispensing Cabinet at SLICS

This is Beth Woodin’s shot-dispensing cabinet, which was on display for many years in the hall between the kitchen and living room in the Woodin home. It is not a part of the Woodin Laboratory Collection. Beth was a shotgun and shotshell collector, and had several high-grade shotguns. The Woodin sons don’t know where Beth acquired the cabinet, or how, but they agreed that I could offer it at SLICS '19. The cabinet is 24 inches wide, 9 inches deep, and 12 inches high. It has two drawers with white ceramic pulls, and I found a matched pair of pewter-looking shot and powder adjustable measures with dark bone or ebony handles which are included.

For those who may not be familiar with these, shot-dispensing cabinets were common in hardware stores and the like back when muzzle loading shotguns were being slowly replaced by guns using shotshells. Many shooters didn’t trust the new shells and loaded their own. Each of the eight compartments contained a different size of shot which could be dispensed through a hole in the bottom of the compartment when a lever was pushed up exposing the hole.

The cabinet will be on table #14, across the aisle from my wall tables at SLICS and will the sold to the highest bidder by silent auction at 1200 noon Friday, April 19. Those interested can write their name and bid on a piece of paper and hand it to me, and I’ll post the current high bid. If you want to bid early, email me at No minimum, no reserve, no shipping.