Beutepatronen(german captured war booty ammunition)

The German military of the third Reich captured several countries and millions of weapons and their ammunition. These are refered to as “Beutepatronen” or “Booty cartridges”. the booty of war.

Wilhelm Micke 's book " Beutepatronen und patronen fur Beutewaffen in der Deutschen Wehrmacht 1939 bis 1945 " - ( Booty cartridges and cartridges for booty weapons in the German military 1939 to 1945 ) is a must have publication for anyone interested in 7.9,9mm Luger,or any of the small arms calibers in use in Europe and the US during this period. Although the book is in German ( I do not read German) it has lots of pictures and with very little effort it is usefull to open up this extensive body of material for collecting. The book illustrates hundreds of items which are not to be found elsewhere.

The book is available from the German section of the European club which can be contacted through the home page links here.

Germany used so many capurted weapons including British and US that they published a series of manuals covering the subjects. The “Kennblatter fremden gerats” series ( Identification of foreign equipment - might be a good translation) is very interesting although almost impossible to find in the original.

One of Bill Woodin’s college projects was translating volume D 50/8a of this series (ammunition up to 36mm) into English.

This is a Lithuanian box found in a lot of POLISH and ROMANIAN ammunition in Germany after the war. 7.9x57 components made at FN - Belgium and loaded in Lithuania.