Beware of the listing in the For Sale forum

I had been in touch and sent money/trade prior to the other guys posting their warnings.

This guy is a fraud who took money/trade, never sent the item and quit responding to emails/phone calls. He has however responded to email requests from other people for lists of for sale items.


i’m not think it is the same guy but i had a similar problem with a guy who collect medium caliber especialy 35x228 (i lost a 35x228 “break up” with white shell)

Thank you for taking time to update the forum members on your bad experience with this individual.
I have asked Aaron to immediately remove the BST post in question.
No need for others to go thru the same problems as you.
As a new IAA member, you will find that the overwhelming majority of IAA members and website users are very honest and straight forward people.
Bob Ruebel


Would you mind sharing a name so I do not get stung.



Would you mind sharing a name so I do not get stung.


I’ll let the IAA decide to publish his name, but be wary of someone selling collectible 50cal ammo from Toole UT.

For a while we were waiting to see if there was any reasonable explanation such as death, incapacitation, or incarceration as to why he no longer responded. But if there were more people asking for a sale-list and he was responding to, and trying to sell to them after other failed attempts at reaching him on the bad deal, then he clearly needs to go. He has been banned from the forum anyway, and outside of individuals seeking small-claims court proceedings, there is little else the IAA can do unfortunately. Thankfully this is a nearly unheard of occurrence in this forum.