BF hds on .50 BMG

Here two headstamps of the plastic .50 BMG cases - one was blank and anoter was short range
Does this cartridges was made directly by Bakelittfabrikken A/G, Aurskog, Norway?



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Below is the link to our 50 Cal Book, take a look under “Norway” and I think you will find what you are looking for…
Ron …

Thank you very much! Great info!

And, please, let me know the meaning of digits 04 and 06 of these headstamps - is it month of producing or lot #?

The 04(Lot) BF 98(year)
The 06(Lot) BF 96(year)

Thank you!

I am updating this tread in hopes to get an answer from our 50 BMG experts on the BF Head-Stamp on the 50 BMG plastic practice cartridge. As all the links seem to be gone on the old tread. Thank you all in advance!
I have found two possible manufacturers:
Bakelittfabrikken A/G, Aurskog, Norway (that would be my first guess?
Fábrica Nacional de Munições de Armas Legeiras, Chelas, Portugal ?
They are both NATO Counties so I have no idea?

The BF here remains “Bakelittfabrikken” of Norway.

Thanks EOD!

The correct name for Bakelittfabrikken, after the inclusion in Nammo in 2005 named Nammo Bakelittfabrikken, is since 2017 Nammo Raufoss AS-Aurskog. The old name Bakelittfabrikken is thus gone.
The same is the case With the old factory Vanäsverken in Karlsborg, Sweden (headstamps K, 070, FFV, CG). Named Nammo Vanäsverken when first included in Nammo in 1998, it is now simply Nammo Sweden, Karlsborg.
I think it is a pity that they destroy these traditional names…

Morten, Regarding the disappearance of the old names, what has replace “CG” as the headstamp’s factory designation on 9 x 19 mm, etc.? When did the “CG” headstamp stop being used?

John Moss

John, I understood that the headstamps are not affected by this since the factories have to be identified somehow (though that may happen in future). Means Morten referred to the official name at the gate and on letter heads.

Alex - thank you. I had no idea of all these name changes, and the highest dates I have in most Scandinavian pistol cartridges are still from within the first seven or eight years of this century.

I am still interested to know when the changes took place for the various companies mentioned.

John Moss

John, as Alex mentioned, CG is still in use. And BF for Bakelittfanrikken as well. I’ll post a couple of CG 19 headstamps tomorrow.

Thank you sir! :-)


CG%2019%20(7%2C62) CG%2019%20(9mm)
Here are two most recent headstamps from Nammo Sweden, Karlsborg, 7,62x51 (left) and 9 mm Parabellum. The 9 mm cases are made by Nammo Lapua, thus the different font type.

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Morton - that font is interest. Have not seen the before. Also I note the absence of visible primer seals. One more to look for. Thanks for posting this.