Bickel Auction Problem?

I can’t seem to log in to the auction. Is it me or the website?

I can see the catalog ok, although I haven’t tried to bid on anything.

Been surfing those funny websites again?

Can you log on?

I have logged-in a few times since Saturday, suddenly today I can’t. I can also look at the catalog pages, but that’s it.

No, I can’t. Have you sent him an email?

Strange, I have been able to log in and bid without problem.
Ive never had any issues but I do know people who have.

Still can’t this morning!
I have e-mailed both Armin and the webmaster.

OK guys! Who and what is Bickel?? Are we missing something??


What kind of ctges are you collecting ??
I can perhaps find you some good ones.

Bickel, is Armin Bickel in Germany. He is currently running a cartridge auction.

Jean-Pierre, I have already been on the auction, and was able to bid on some rounds. Unfortunately now I can’t seem to log in. I have sent e-mails, but I think I’ll have to call Armin about the problem.

Hi Jon !
I am not taling about the auction.
Just tell me the kind of ctges you are looking for.

Ah, I like most metric-military cartridges (pistol and rifle), especially 7.63 Mauser and 7.62 Tokarev.