Big bag of old bullets

My Father recently gave me a bank bag full of old rifle and pistol bullets that belonged to his Father. There are around 150 to 200 rounds, most of which are individuals and a few doubles. I am interested in selling this very old collection but was hoping to get some info on how to identify markings on the ones with only numbers and some with no markings at all. any websites that would be helpful in researching these rounds would be greatly appreciated. I have been able to identify some of the rounds on but really need help with the others

Sehorn15–Try this site. It is in Spanish, but is still quite understandable.

Or you can post a list of the headstamps. 90% or more of what you have can most likely be identified by us “Old Timers” here on the Forum.

Of course pictures are always helpful for those items without headstamps. Or a list with dimensions will likely ID many of the rounds.

One of our Canadian members has a number of phoos on his website