Big Caliber Cartridge Identification

A friend sent me pictures of this cartridge with measurment of diameter (10 cm) and height (15.5 cm). Can someone give me information about the cartridge itself and the numerous headstamps on the bottom?

Thank you all

This is a British 18Pr Mk11 case that has been cut down and 2 holes bored in mouth. It should be 84x295mm long. EOC is Elswick Ordnance Co. CF is cordite full charge. 1918 date. Was the main British artillery used in WW1 to WW2 before replaced by the 25Pr.

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Thank you Ron!

So, that is about the right size to boil a cup of water for tea or coffee… think the two holes might have been for a fire hanger/handle?
Thinking “outside the casing” here.

Haha, actually the owner of the cartridge uses it as a pen holder!! …and that makes me sad!