Big time primer fail from wolf .223

how could this pass quality control? its a factory .223 wolf round right out of the box.

Happens to all brands of ammo…

i had a similar problem with a 375 h&h norma PH (nickel cases)

My observation from 36 years as a full-time firearms and ammunition sales person are that primer seating is the most “missed” defect found in factory ammo - primers seated backwards. or crushed sideways into the primer pocket. I have, at one time or another, observed this is just about every brand of ammunition, to include Winchester, Remington, Federal, Speer, Barnaul, Fiocchi, Hornady and probably many others that don’t come to mind anymore. Of the two failures in primer seating mentioned, I have observed them in about equal numbers. Compared to the amount of ammo llooked at and the number of such failures observed from any given manufacturer, I would call it a rare occurence, although I, too, wonder how such an obvious defect could be missed in inspection.

The most interesting and mind-boggling defective round I have seen, and perhaps mentioned here before (I just don’t remember) was a Barnaul-manufacture 9 x 18 mm Makarov round. It was found in a box with a sideways-seated, crushed primer, since lost (the round went through several hands). Further, the case had no flash holes in it. Finally, it has the wrong headstamp, “ICEBERG 9 MM” which is for a shorter-case version of the Makarov cartridge made for “less than lethal” ammunition for revolvers. An incredible instance of missed defects that finally .eft the cartridge looking like a factory dummy round, which it is not.

Aside from primers, another oft-noted defect in factory pistol ammo is where the edge of the projectile catches hits the case mouth as it is being seated, often resulting in an almost square torn and crushed section of the mouth. I have seen that three or four times in factory ammo, which once again, is a very small incident considering the amount of ammo seen and sold.

These defects were sometimes seen showing ammo to a customer, but more often reported (returned) by the customer, usually very quickly after a sale! No wonder!

While I fully agree to the view that it can (and does) happen to every brand, my impression is that the Russian factories indeed have a quality control problem. Maybe this is a sort of leftover from communist times. Cheap Sellier and Bellot pistol cartridges from CSSR were quite popular in Germany. But compared to Western brands, they had an extremely high rate of cases without a flash hole. If you looked at spent cases, you would find a surprising rate with several flash holes.
While Sellier & Bellot as well as Mesko in Poland in my experience produce very good ammunition today, the Russians are still fighting or simply do not care.
This is a pity, because serious competition at reasonable prices would prevent the Western brands from what I see as going down in quality. Others may enjoy paying money for the ability, should it come, to fire at non-existing Zombies and the like. I much prefer an ammunition that is a reliable tool to hit my real-world target.
Sorry for my rambling, but today I again experienced the dive that Geco 9 mm took since it is manufactured in Hungary compared to an older lot from Stadeln.

I had a wonderful malfunction once with Barnaul 9mm ammunition in which I fired the cartridge, it sounded like an FTF or squib, I gingerly opened the action after pausing for a minute, and there was the 9mm case with no primer and no flash holes.

A friend and I had a similar experience with some Federal 9mm Para. Primer went bang, no report beyond that. Long story short, no flash hole in the case. This was round number 3 from a brand new box. The first two where normal, but who knows about 4-50 ??

Contacted Federal who asked that he send the dud & remaining ammo back. Federal sent him a case of ammo for his troubles.

WOW! That is quite a response from Federal. I wish they were as kind to me. :-)

Defects in factory ammunition are not uncommon. Considering the billions of rounds manufactured, it’s amazing that shooters do not encounter more of them.


Have had bad ammo from all the major makers, the best in my experience was Federal. The other players would send a call tag and may eventually send you a replacement box.

Federal ,in the past gave you at least a two for one deal. No guarantees they do that today.

My buddy had 4 boxes all from the same case lot that he returned, so Federal was a little generous there.