Bill Woodin Update


I have just returned home after three and a half days with Bill in Tucson doing research and photography for a book. Bill asked that I bring you all up to date about what’s going on with his health. He is seriously ill, but after stays in the hospital and rehabilitation, he is now at home. He is receiving the best possible care with two caregivers on site 24/7 - they live in the guest house just steps from Bill - plus visits from nurses and his doctor. One of Bill’s sons lives in the home with Bill and another lives nearby in Tucson. I was impressed and Bill is pleased with the care he is being given. He told me there’s nothing he needs that he doesn’t have. During my visit, he was alert and engaged in conversations on a number of subjects, including cartridge collecting, and he enjoys reading the newspaper every morning.

Bill would love to hear from you. His hearing is not great and he sleeps a lot at odd hours, so he prefers that you not call. In addition, the computer that his wife Beth used for email before her recent death is in the lab and has not been used in several months, so there is effectively no email. Please do not call or email. What Bill would love is for you to write. Letters and cards can be read and reread at convenient times. Please write to him as often as you can with news about what’s going on with your collecting or anything else. Even though Bill will probably not be able to respond, I promise that your letters and cards will brighten his days considerably and will help offset his disappointment that he will not be able to attend SLICS this year.

Bill Woodin
3600 N. Larrea Ln.
Tucson, AZ 85750


Thank you very much,


Merci Mel, pleased to read such news from Bill! Jf


Mel, sad to read all that about Bill and disappointed that we missed Beth’s passing. Had several stays with Bill & Beth going back 25 + years. My next task will be to send him a note.
Thanks very much for this post.
see you in March…


God Bless the Gentleman, a great man.



Thank you for the Information.