Bill Woodin's Birthday

Today, 16 December 2014, is Bill Woodin’s 89th birthday. Happy Birthday, Bill, and many more to come! And thank you for so many years of so many contributions to cartridge collecting worldwide.

If you’d like to wish Bill a Happy Birthday here on the Forum, you might submit a reply to this post and after a few days, I’ll print the group and send it to Bill. Please include your name.

Hi Bill,
I’ve Got Your Two Books (and will get your third) and Although I never meet You, You’ve Got My Vote! Happy Birthday And May God Bless You

Happy Birthday Bill.
Wish you many more ;)
Bruce Holm

Happy Birthday Bill! You are my cartridge mentor, my friend, a Veteran of WWII, an all around good guy, and a wonderful herpetologist and one of Tucson’s important people. Don’t even have to mention cartridge collecting - your standing in our hobby, and the field of the study of ammunition, is obvious. I am proud to know you, call you friend, and be associated in a small way with Woodin Laboratory. Bless you my dear, dear friend. thank you for your seven decades of service to your fellow ammunition students.

John and Mary Louise Moss

Hi Beth!

Happy Birthday Bill !!
Wish you many more.

Harrie & Jacqueline
The Netherlands

Happy Birthday Bill, and many more to come!


Happy Birthday. Bill
Wishing you a day that is as special in every way as you are.

The Netherlands.

Happy Birthday

I have always been honored that you befriended me as a young collector.

Your friendship, advice, “identification” and openness to visit the lab (second fiddle to Beth’s hospitality…as well as a sample or two from the trade stock room); are the bricks and mortar of my “love” of cartridge collecting.

We all should strive to measure up to you as the “gold standard of a cartridge collecting good guy”.

Many have, and will try, few if any will get close…none will possess the enormity of the knowledge you have gathered about our hobby and all the wonderful things you have done for the ICCA – IAA!

For now…Happy 89th…I look forward to SLICS 2026 when we can toast your 100th birthday !!!


Cheers on another fine year!

Thanks for all you have done for all collectors, but especially for your long term project on U.S. Military Small Arms Ammunition. You and your co-authors have earned perpetual gratitude for getting all that great info into print where it will be preserved and used!

Thanks also for your hospitality on my visit earlier this year. Awesome does not begin to describe the experience!

Happy Birthday to a fine, kind hearted and generous individual. Still dreaming on my next visit to see you and Beth.

Joe in Phoenix

Hi Bill.

Happy birthday from Dave, Andree and Henry in Otter Creek, Maine! Thank you for everything you have done for our association and being such a great person in every way! I cannot imagine where the world’s knowledge of military and police ammunition would be without you!

I hope to see you soon!

Happy Birthday Bill!

Hope to see you in St Louis for SLIC 2015.

Pat Sheehan

Happy Birthday from Florida (oops, I just landed back in NY) … New York!!!
Many happy returns, Bill,
Vlad (like sksvlad)

Happy Birthday Bill and many more!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and collection. I hope to get back there soon.

Joe Goforth

Happy birthday Bill
Hope you had a great one.
Thanx for your friendship through the years.
I wish you the best season greetings for Christmas and New Year.
And all the best for the new year yet to come.

The Madsen fanatic

Happy Birthday Bill
Thank you for all you have done. The work you and your co-authors have done is nothing short of amazing. I dream of someday getting to visit the Woodin Lab. I hear the hospitality is awesome. We will see you at SLICS 2015.


Bill, Happy Birthday from Canada!

Reading everyone’s comments, you sound like one amazing, knowledgable and friendly person!

I hope you literally had a Happy Birthday, and I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, and a happier New Year!

Best Regards,
Dave K.

Mr Woodin: Congratulations on your Birthday. The time and money you have invested in your cartridge collection and then made it and the knowledge available free of charge, demonstrate the type of man you are. Thank You Vic

Happy Birthday, Mr. Woodin! I hope you had a great day :-)

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy HEALTHY New Year!