Bill Woodin's Laboratory in pictures

Please, add your photos and any other pertinent material to this topic, even if they were posted somewhere before. This will centralize and visualize Bill’s ammo legacy.
Here is an article about his life


Here are my photos from my 1 and only 2011 visit. And a day before I took 1 gazillion photos at Pima Air and Space Museum!!! And then I went to Prescott,AZ, but that is another story…

It’s a much smaller collection than I realised Vlad…

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Trust me, I kick myself several times a day, I felt intimidated by the size of the Lab, Bill greeted me, asked me what I’d like to see (I still don’t know up to this day how to answer this) and told me to look around. He went back to the table with Scranton and Hackley (they were writting HWS volume 3) and I just walked around on my own.
But the bigger dog is half wolf.
Also, remember, the Lab contained numerous firearms and that attracted my attention.

I hope you had no problems with the security staff.


I did not see a single snake. I also did not know Woodins cared about snakes or wild life. That was my 1st trip to San Siego with a side trip to AZ and then Vegas. Everything looked weird and new to me. After Woodin’s Lab I went to see Phil Butler. He also has a legacy of high quality ammo images on this forum.

As indicated in the nice article Vlad posted, Mr. Woodin’s grandfather was Secretary of the Treasury in 1933 and his signature can be found on various notes and certificates of the United States from that era.



Dang, now I need one of those!


The W.H. Woodin signature appears on the following:

$1 Silver Certificate, Series 1928 C and D (1928 D shown above).
$1 United States Note, Series 1928.
$5 Federal Reserve Note, Series 1928 D.
$10 Silver Certificate, Series 1933.

Best bet of finding one of the above would be the $1 Silver Certificates of either series and they can be found for sale at a reasonable price if condition is not too much of a concern. The $10 Silver Certificate, Series 1933 is one of the most desirable and rare small size U.S. issues printed. The certificate shown above (the image shamelessly clipped from a dealer’s listing) is for sale at about $1,200 U.S. due to the very nice condition.


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Dave, thanks, I fear I can’t go much further (i.e. afford) than the 1$ then.
Shall see if I can find one in Germany.

One reason these might be hard to find is them being Silver certificates, I other words they could be exchanged, or their value was, for their worth in actual silver.
They were withdrawn from circulation some time ago, perhaps the 1950’s? Someone will know, just googled it, in 1957.

Pete, means it was “real” money then.


Harrie, you were smarter than me, you took more photos (and better photographer too).

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Thanks again Gyrojet.
Can You repost the pics with the red 7.92x107?




Beautiful Bakelittfabrikken board.
Thanks for posting!


Sitting at work and not allowed to do anything - limited travel between locations, emergency only - and I’m getting bored. You guys aren’t posting much, so I’m digging through the limited files that I have at work and looking for something to post. Excuse the image quality, these pictures were not the purpose of the visit and were a quick add-on at the end. Results so far - full size for those of you that harvest the pictures.