Birmingham Gun Quarter


Not quite ammo related but a lot of ammo must have been made there. Birmingham City Authorities are to rename the old gun quarter as the St Francis District after a local church. They do not want the city to be associated with guns. Well, sorry but thats just re-writing history. All signs and references to the gun trade will be replaced. What ever happened to Heritage? Birmingham was the gun trade, it defined the city. Later the car manufacturers moved there partly because the skills already existed that they needed.

Why not build a museum and do tours of the old quarter? A rabbit warren of old workshops etc, it should be a tourist board’s dream. But political correctness suggests it must be airbrushed out instead

Interestingly the adjacent jewellery quarter is to keep its name. They don’t have a problem with jewellery it appears My Grandfather Harry Green was a wire drawer just off the old Jewellery quarter.


What a load of nonsense. Rewriting history because it offends some stuck up PC idiot.

For the record, I’m not talking about you Vince, or anyone on this forum here. I sometimes look at the older generation and wonder how they allowed these people into power. Also, why do they keep voting for these fools.


Don’t be niaive Gareth. How many of your current generation would vote to retain anything to do with “Guns”. Most of them would not know a butt from a barrel and would care even less.



In a sense, both Tony and Gareth are right. Gareth is young enough that the “older people” in power - older to him - are young folk to those of us in our seventies. They are products of the Flower-Child generation that, although the period during and after the later years of the War in VN, did not just influence Americans, but rather had an influence throughout the Western World.

I do believe that in the main, at least in some countries, the younger people are regaining some conservative values, but unfortunately, I do NOT believe that an appreciation for the history of firearms and the positive influences they have had on history are part of that reawakening. The attitudes of most younger people today towards firearms and ammunition, including their history, seems to range from indifference to out-right loathing. There are, of course, exceptions. But in every gun sport that I watch or take part in, there is mostly gray hair in evidence. Some younger shooters for sure, and they are a fine group of young people, intelligent, responsible and skilled at their vocation. Are there enough to keep things going when we are all gone - perhaps, but I doubt it. Just the view of an old man who is still active in the politics of, and participation in, the world of firearms.


What I find most disquieting is the way that aspects of history are just edited out of life. My two sons (16 and 20) learned nothing of WW1 or WW2 at school.
They did the British Empire and Slavery but it was nothing but a rant. very biased and negative.

I first started shooting aged 11 at school. Today my sons had to be drilled not to take fired cases into school because they risk being suspended.

A friend of mine Mike A****'s grandson took a fired case into school for show and tell because he had been to the range with his grandfather the week before. They evacuated the class until a science master came and inspected the case and declared it safe. Strong, and threatening letters home. Including the suggestion that it was inappropriate to take a child to such a terrible place

I would not even like to suggest what my pockets were filled with at that age.

Knives too, I do not condone knives in school but when I was a boy every boy scout had a knife on his belt. And they wore them openly, even to school. I still have mine. But there is no way I would take it out of the house.

The political dumbing down of events and history is a tool of the left to eliminate things from the conciousness of the populous.

My kids were mystified when watching Private Ryan. They had no idea of the events it represented. When told their Grandfather and Uncle were there they were incredulous. Their grandfather as a sailor/signaller on a landing craft their great uncle a paratrooper in 9 PARA at Pegasus bridge. Total blank.


Tony, I know that very few of my generation would care, or vote to change anything. As long as they have their alcohol, drugs, designer clothes and music, nothing else matters. What I was trying to say was more aimed at political correctness as a whole, rather than just guns.

Vince, as for what you say about the threatening letters home, I know exactly where you are coming from. Many of my teachers had a holier-than-thou attitude. I was told multiple times at school that I “shouldn’t be interested in things like that”. I’m glad I got out of there at 16 and studied engineering where there was far less of an agenda.

They weren’t all bad though. The history teacher who I got on with once allowed me to bring some inert .303 rounds into class for everyone to see. Actually seeing something from the events that the lesson was on seemed to get the class alot more interested.


Among the populace are small numbers of young people interested in “living history” or “reenacting” of various military periods, the Civil War being a favorite in the U.S. and apparently the Napoleonic era is more interesting to our European friends. Although there are often extreme rules regarding participation in such activities, those who jump through the hoops seem to acquire or enhance their interest in all aspects of history. That includes firearms and ammunition of their respective narrow fields, but often grows into many other eras and areas.

Anything that can be done to encourage, support, facilitate or praise such activities needs to be done. Thank you letters to sponsors, letters to the editor of the newspaper all help. Of course, just taking the time to talk with the participants reinforces their enthusiasm, and many are pretty well informed, although not all. Discreet financial help would certainly be appreciated. Prizes of some sort, or even certificates of appreciation for their attendance at events helps keep them excited, and provided tangible proof to their families that they are not soe sort of freak for having such interests.

Our local gun collector group has a “costume contest” along with display awards for gun related displays, and this has attracted a loyal following of reenactor folks. And, their being at our shows had exposed them to educators and resulted in some invitations to attend school events (where advance permission from the folks in charge makes their possession of guns or ammo (inert!) legal and welcome.

Those people and the youngsters they come in contact with are the future generation of collectors… if there is to be one at all.