Birthday,Happy Veterans Day


Happy Birthday to all Marines on this the Corps Birthday
Happy Veterans day to all vets,past ,present and future.
Least we forget
Charles.J.Wells (Jack)
Sgm USA Ret.

Fayetteville N.C.


And to you Jack - Thanks for your service.

Happy Veterans Day!



I join Ray in my wish to all Veterans to have a happy Veteran’s Day, and for all you Jarheads out there, and I use that term with admiration, Happy Birthday to your Corps, and thanks all for your service.

And to you Sgt. Major, a special thanks. I am proud to know you, and all our members who are Veterans of any service and any country.



Thanks for the Birthday Wishes and Thanks also to those who served on this Veterans/Armistice Day. Bruce.


Ray,Bruce,I received your e-mail,and I at at a loss as to why.