Bishop Ammunition new biggest AR-10 caliber


Bishop Ammuniiton of Antelope, CA announced on their Facebook feed today that they are going to be having a custom caliber done up for a line of customized rifles they are building which, according to their statement will be - The largest caliber loaded on a necked case available for the AR-10 platform. I take this to mean an oddball caliber upper, such as .458 SOCOM but larger. They actually said that their new caliber will make the .458 look puny, and so I am presuming something along the lines of a .50GI bullet loaded into some oddball large necked case to appear like a scaled up version of a .458 SOCOM, albeit with a more drastically rebated rim to match the .30 cal bolt face, unless they are talking a custom bolt as well, which is essentially then not an AR-10 platform at that point. Who knows.


Has anybody seen any of their pistol ammunition, specifically
.40 S&W and .45 ACP, both “new” ammunition and “remanufactured”

John Moss