Bizarre cartridge case

Recently found an old cartridge case that I have never come across before. It’s a .50 Browning case sized down to a .30 cal projectile. Produced in 1940, Berdan primer, with staining on the case from a disintegrating link belt. Any enlightenment anyone.

Dingbat in my opinion. Lots modified as gimmicks, paperweights etc. Its ballistically impossible to ignite that amount of powder and get the products of combustion through a .30 cal barrel in the time allowed. Later dingbats now use 5.56mm
Anyone producing them contact me I can sell hundreds, thousands even!

There are US military experimentals that fit that very vague & general description but as US, not Berdan primed.

(Vince see Hackley, Woodin & Scranton, HIstory of Modern US Military Ammunition Vol. 2)

Do you have a headstamp, how about a photo.

My friend has it, but I’ll get a photo and confirm the headstamp. I understand the ballistics involved and believe it to be genuine, not resized. I think one part of the headstamp was AUX. I just can’t understand why such a round. The projectiles would come apart in flight I would’ve thought. It’s like a 30-06 on steroids.

My opinion is, that your friends sample is German 7,92 x 94 Antitank round from WW2 period.

The German WW II AT small calibre cartridges all had the same Base Dimensions as the US .50 cal ( Both being derived from the T18 Cartridge design).
If there is a “aux” headstamp, it is Polte, Magdeburg, a Known maker of a lot of “special” AT German rounds. and all German cases are Berdan, as well…

And FN also made some AT rounds using the 13,2x99 Hotchkiss cases ( identical to .50 Browning except for Bullet diameter) in experimental “small calibre” AT cartridges. Again, Berdan cases.

Not a “Dingbat” at all…for shame… Jumping to conclusions like that…Must be the Insular attitude to all things “Berdan”…

Doc AV

That’d be it. Found a K98 bayonet in the same shed. In Far North Qld and there’s heaps of old munitions still around here from the war years. Just for interests sake, the headstamp reads: 17d aux W5A700 40.

Since these were used in North Africa, given the Find Location, I would say a souvenir (along with the Bayonet) from Aussie participation in the Desert War ( Tobruk etc and all that)

Years ago, there were rumours in collecting circles, of an original PzB39 AT rifle complete, brought back from N.Africa…in North Qld.

Doc AV