Black Aces- Who?

Cool logo, neat box, but who IS Black Aces Tactical, (EVERYTHING seems to be ‘Tactical’ these days, yea?), and from where is it made?
They are in Longwood, Florida, but sounds as if they may be an importer rather than manufacturer.
Reports I got from a couple shooter in Georgia is that it is pretty dirty, leaving a lot of residue. Neither had the box, it was supplied by a friend…
I found this picture on their web site, but no real info, and no reply to an email, yet.

Tactical = cool = special = folks buying = money ?

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We usually just call it, and those guys, (you know the type I mean), “Tacticool”.
Advertising IS everything, after all if it says ‘Tactical’ it MUST be more gooder*, yea?

  • more gooder is a reference to a certain portion of the Red Neck population.
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Here in NZ the term ‘Tacticool’ gets its share of advertising

Not surprised when people made fun of the word “tactical.” It and the word “Iconic” are the two most over-used words in the English language, almost to the point where they mean practically nothing anymore.

Just my two cents worth.

John Moss


Agree with you,even in spanish speaking countries it is used,idiocy has no boundaries,will say no more because have a tendency to go off road ,off topic…

Keep safe,cheers

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3rd most overused is , awesome.:>)

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They were one of the first outfits to market the “non-shotgun-shotgun”; a la Mossberg Shockwave, et al. They had short-barreled 12ga firearms with braces and lots of weird add-on stuff. They were rolled into a bulletin from our state AG, b/c for a short while the non-shotgun-shotguns were ok at a fed level but still could be charged as a state offense.

Here is yet another “new” batch of “no-name” 12 ga from… ??? being marketed by Palmetto State Armory, who already made a massive price reduction, which makes it almost decently affordable.
A quick googlie search turned up nothing on a “Mili Custom Defense” company, and thus far no reply from PSA.