Black cases from Kalashnikov-Barnaul

Black cases from Kalashnikov-Barnaul in 2021

Interesting mixture of English and Russian (Cyrillic) language used on these. Hope some of it comes to America.

Headstamp (I am specifically interested in the 9 mm Luger headstamp)???

John Moss

this black finish remind me the 9mm PAK “black mamba” blank rounds
i hope the russian ammo had better black coating because the 9mm PAK are oiled and the black worn off easily

on your last picture ,it should be a real black lacquer and not a “black phosphate” like the 9mm PAK

There is several ways to blacken cases, we’ll better wait for real specimen.

Learning the dimensions of the only partly visible target with a blue bullseye including ring 9 would be also interesting. Unless I overlook something obvious, it does not fit any type I know.

The cartridges are scheduled to be released to the market in the fall of 2021.

Then I hope for the IWA 2022.

New design ammo box

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Several boxes are larger

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Just in time for the ban on import of ammunition from Russia!