Black Hills Ammo and Ultramax lot numbers

I started out trying to prove/disprove that the two ammo producers, in the same city, were connected. Heck of a coincidence if they’re not. There are similarities and differences. We do, for a change, have descriptions of what information is contained in their lot numbers.
Black Hills Ammo:
loading machine operator
loading machine
date loaded
date loaded
person who loaded the ammo
loading machine
powder type
primer type
bullet loaded
I have remarkably few lot numbers to compare, only 13 Black Hills and 8 Ultramax. Nonetheless, knowing what’s contained in them is a huge advantage.

  1. Black Hills ammo uses 10-digit lot numbers, the first two are the loading machine number:
    09 and 32 are 9mm Luger
    33 and 34 are 45 Auto
    03 was 38 Special
    16 was match-grade 308 Winchester
    28 was 260 Remington
    The next two digits are the loading machine operator: 02 through 25 observed.
    The third pair of digits are the inspector: 10 through 21 observed.
    The last four digits are the day and year: first three are either the Julian date or possibly a one-up number assigned to the production day, and the last digit is the last digit of the year: days 002-290 observed, year 6 observed for both 2006 and 1996. The lot number in 1996 appears to have the same format of those in the 2000’s. There’s no difference between red box (new manufacture) and blue box (remanufactured) lot numbers. All observed boxes have printing month/year.
    3323102906 = 45 Auto loading machine 33, operator 23, inspector 10, 290th day of 2006 (blue box)
    3310181273 = 45 Auto loading machine 33, operator 10, inspector 18, 127th day of 2003 (red box)
    0903140203 = 9mm Luger loading machine 09, operator 03, inspector 14, 020th day of 2003 (red box)
    0925220027 = 9mm Luger loading machine 09, operator 25, inspector 22, 002nd day of 2007 (blue box)
    0320131366 = 38 Special loading machine 03, operator 20, inspector 13, 136th day of 1996.
  2. Ultramax uses 11-digit lot numbers, the first two are the last two digits of the year: 04 (2004) through 09 (2009) observed.
    The next three digits are probably the Julian date 010 through 337 observed. I say probably because 7 of the dates on my boxes are odd numbers, which is alot considering I’ve only one even date.
    The last six digits I haven’t figured out yet. Fortunately Ultramax’s web site says there are six more elements of information in their lot numbers and, not coincidently, there are six more digits, one per element.
    07037152102 = 037th day of 2007, contained a 9mm styrofoam tray
    04337071111 = 337th day of 2004, a 45 Colt Cowboy box
    09105771408 = 105th day of 2009, a 40 S&W box
    Some Ultramax boxes have printing dates.

More great research!!! Thanks…

If so, then they do a remarkable job of keeping their ordering, tech support and govt agency purchasing separate.

I’ve used both to purchase ammo in bulk from my agency and haven’t run into any oddness. Both have provided excellent products, support and customer service.

That said, since they’re close geographically I wouldn’t be surprised if one was closely following the other’s lead, getting boxes/labels printed at the same manuf/dist, etc.

Next I time I order from either I’ll ask directly.

I apologize if I’ve revived this post unduly.

Just got off the phone with my Ultramax rep and remembered to ask (finally!). She’s been for at least 10 years, and states that there’s no association at all between Black Hills and Ultramax.

I might need to go through my posts and see what else I’ve delayed and/or forgotten!