Black Hills Steel Cased Ammo

Black Hills (BHA) has had their steel cased ammo out for quite a while now, but I haven’t been able to find much info about the ammo. Does anyone have pics of headstamps and/or profile for these rounds, especially the 9mmP round? Has it been determined who the manufacturer of the cases is/are?

I was told that the Black Hills steel-case rounds have the “HMC” Hornady headstamp. I don’t know where the cases as made - I think that the boxes say the ammo is made in the USA (Hornady boxes) but am not sure of that, but I would guess that the cases are Russian. No proof of that - just conjecture on my part. I have not seen any of the Black Hills rounds yet. If my source was right about the Headstamp, it is not too interesting in my view - like all the rounds made with W-W headstamps by 25 or more small reloading shops years ago.

If they have the Black Hills headstamp - 100% different story!!!

The 9mm case, and I believe all Black Hills steel cases have the Hornady headstamp (HNC). I spoke with both the Hornady and Black Hills reps at the last Shot Show and both told the same story. Hornady has a special relationship, somewhat like a Mentor, with Black Hills, and frequently help them out. When quality brass for Black Hills low cost line of remanufactured ammo became hard to find, Hornady sold them some of their steel cases to use in place of remanufactured cases.

Black Hills loaded a different bullet than Hornady. The Hornady bullet is a short truncated HP. The BHA bullet is a 115gr RN HP. It is also in your box!

The Hornady guy told me he thought the cases were made by Barnaul, but someone may have more solid information on this.


Lew - Barnaul wouyld be the logical one to make them. It seems they have taken the lead in export of ammunition in various brands. The Silver and Golden Bear lines used to be made by LVE Novosibirsk, but now appear to be always by Barnaul. I am not sure who makes Wolf ammunition, but it is no longer Tula, who now have their TCW brand and perhaps also Tulammo.
I say perhaps, because I don’t know if the TCW brand supplements the Tulammo brand name, or replaces it. The headstamp format for the HMC loads is like that of Barnaul’s own current headstamp;

The fact that the bullet is different in the Black Hills loads in these cases makes them a bit more interesting.

Is the box specifically printed for the steel-cased ammunition?

The Wolf people at the Shotshow told me that they buy their ammo from a number of different manufacturers.

Tulammo is made by Tula according to the box label.



Yes, Tulammo uses their own ammunition. I just wondered if the slightly later brand appellation of TCW (Tula Cartridge Works) supplements the Tulammo brand name or if it has already replaced it.

By the way, I engaged my typing fingers before my brain with a statement I made before. I said that in the “Bear” Line of ammo, Barnaul has replaced LVE. That is probably not completely true. I have LVE headstamp with a 2010 date on 9 x 18 mm Makarov. That is after some of the ammo in Bear boxes was already by Barnaul. The brand seems to be used by both, probably due to some agreement within the Federation of Russian Ammunition Manufacturers.

Sorry about that. IN short, I don’t actually know if LVE is out of the Silver Bear and Golden Bear picture completely no, or not.