Black Powder & Brass Cases

I have a few BP loaded .303 rounds and I have read that the BP can degrade/damage the brass cases over time, is this true and should I be removing the BP from the round if so what is the best way to remove BP which is in a solid pellet type form

many thanks

My goodness your going to take the BP pellet out because you heard it could downgrade / damage the brass?

I would be doing that to smokeless rounds long before I touched any of the few BP rounds I have.

The BP has been in there for perhaps 100 years, if they haven’t downgraded by now…

I have a lot of US, B.P. sporting rounds from the 1860’s - 70’s & the same in British sporting / military & not a problem with any of them.

Humidity is not good, so perhaps reducing that exposure would ease your mind.

I’ve heard any & all MK 1 powder rounds need to be in the deCoux flea-O-flea collection. So please send-em over Richard.

Many thanks but I happy keeping them at my nice dry house, humidity is not a problem in my house “it is outside at the moment, wish the rains would stop”.
I will keep them intact then

thanks again

Your welcome & Drat, here I was hoping I had a smooth tongue

Might have shown this one before; however; as I’m now; ‘housebound,’ thought I would post this one again, for everyone’s delectation. Unfortunately; not the caliber under discussion :-)

Now see what you have done Sam, I am all worried again now. “NO Pete I am not sending all my MKI & MKII BP rounds over to you” :-)
This is similar to what I had seen.


Having talked to my local; ‘expert,’ he suggests pulling the projectile and then soaking for 24 hrs with soapy water. Then use a wooden spatula to; ‘wriggle,’ out the contents. You can subsequently use a small plastic bottle brush once the spatula; ‘wriggling,’ has been successful. Afterwards, when completely clean, thoroughly air dry, and then add a mixed penetrating oil to the primer from the inside.
The rate of degradation of BP, inside the case, will probably be somewhat dependent upon the quality of the internal lacquer finish of the case and the possibility that there has been ingress of water vapor.