Black Talon Info please

Hi, were these black talon loads commercial loads by Winchester?
IMG_20181018_0001 IMG_20181018_0002

Whilst seeing these bleary bullet scans who can tell me how to scan that the case and bullet are in focus please???


Winchester made black talon ammunition in the early 1990s. In 1994 I shot a moose with a 30-06 black talon and it was very effective. It was very good big game ammunition. Mine looked like your center specimen -Ger

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The Winchester Black Talon, rifle ammunition line came out in either 1990 or 91, in only four cals. those being .30-06, .308 Win., .300 Win. Mag, .338 Win Mag. with a black bullet coating and a white ballistic tip.

So the .270 shown is definitely not BT. The center 06 looks correct with the white tip, the extreme right one seems to show a reddish tint so is very questionable, could that be from your lighting.

The Black Talon cartridges that I have seen are hollow point not Ballistic tip.


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Left is an AccuBond CT loading. Middle one is a Black Talon or Fail Safe. Right is a Ballistic SIlvertip.



Thanks guys, i thought black talons were only a handgun bullet.

@FrankN, one has a white tip and the other is red.

@hkusp40 I think they would perform really well on big game.

After noting krag56’s reply I checked the only full box of Black Talon rifle loading’s that I have, that being in .308 WIN. The box end flap info is as follows:


Cartridge has a nickeled case and primer, Black coated “HOLLOW POINT”

Nice Display! thanks for posting

I have had it for years.

FrankN i will have to get that box from you one day when i can make it too SLICS.

3 dimentional things are difficult to get in focus without a specialised scanner, as they are designed to focus at the top of the glass the item sits upon.
It would be better to use a digital camera if you have access to one, or a cell phone camera if you do not.
The newer cell phone cameras have very good resolution, you just need to be certain to hold the cell phone VERY steady, and have a decent light source.