Black tipped 7.92mm

Is it possible that the Germans had Sometype of tracer bullets. Or blacktipped bullets I the 7.92mm caliber. Because I found several of those bullets today. Some are normal and some have a blacktip. Thanks a lot

yes black tip on 8x57 of german make, is Tracer, and if you are in Germany situated, the possession is a 1-year jail-term, as diggung out ammo is already per se forbidden and the possession of warmaterial ammo is a felony…
The Possession of warmaterial ammo (and their respective bullets AP, API and Explosive, is forbdden by EU-Regulations in whole Europe-member states since Juli 2018)

In Germany also the TRACER Bullets (if working or not) are forbidden goods without a BKA-Permit.
So, as you are diggung in Germany, you are running on very thin ice,

because even with a BKA-Permit you cannot dig your goods out by Law, without…see above


Forest, you are showing a .30-06


No sir it’s a German 7.92mm

Okay thanks for telling me. I’ll try to get a permission from the police then.

Could you make a picture from the head stamp please

This has nothing to do with the police.
These life rounds are forbidden by the KWKG.
It is not possible to get a licence for these life rounds in Germany.

Ahh Oke. Then I guess I didn’t found them 😉😊

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.30-06 black tip, Armor Piercing

So if it’s a .30-06 then it’s an American made round. Probably for the m1 garand

Identifying is the most important part of ammunition collecting.
First you thought it was a 7,9 Mauser tracer.
You are showing a Lake City .30-06 hard core.
Both have black tips. Different kind of bullet types.

Identifying is also the hardest part. Thanks a lot to everyone

But the same juristical consequences…

I don’t think it’s gonna be that much of a problem. I live in a small village with 1400 people. And 3 cops so I don’t think there gonna storm my house. But still thanks for calling it

I think it is better NOT to say how you’ve gotten this ammo. We don’t need to know that, just the pictures.
But thank you for making me feel good that I don’t live in Europe (anymore).
If UK actually leaves EU, does this mean that all these regulations will go away for UK?

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The Brexit does not help, as GreatBritain had already before a strict law on AP, API, and so one ammo, even if only Dummies…
You need a section 5 license, nearly the same as needed in Germany, or the other EU-Member states. EU = abreviation for Europas Untergang…sorry
The funny thing is, the former eastbloc countries in the EU have easier gun laws and easier licensing for collectors, as the old western…


Oh, so happy to live in the US and not restrictive foreign countries like the UK, Germany, Russia, California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, etc.


We are allowed tracer though ;)

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Finland is still pretty good for collecting small arms and ammunition… Everything is possible to own legally here, from machine-guns to artillery pieces, for licensed collectors. No ammunition is prohibited either, of course licenses needed again. We just keep our fingers crossed it will stay like this in the years to come, too.