Black water and recent S&B Boxes of 9mm

Like most everyone else, I’m spending lots of time not traveling far. But after taking fvenicle for service yesterday, stopped in a new local “Outdoor shop” Originaly this was a Knife and razor place in a different location. So they have added Firearms and ammunition. I walked around and when I got to counter by firearms saw several boxes of interesting appearance, Picked one up and it was Black water ammunition, 9mm 124 grain monolithic “hollowpoint” with MAKER on side of box (Bullet manufacturer)
CAses are SST 2 piece. Headstamp etched in blackened base was “BWA 9mm LUGER +P” label says 1100 fps First time I’ve seen this except in pictures.
Also found a box of fairly recent S&B buff colored box with 7.5 gram/115 grain FMJ headstamp is "S&B 9mm 20’ new one for me.
So a ten minute stop yielded new finds (Wore a mask! Shop has lots of ammunition,
Will have to go back and check out later on.)

Always nice to find a new “honey hole”. But who is “fvenicle”? ;-)

Vehic!e! LOL

I assume the Blackwater rounds you found are in the SSteel cases with aluminum heads by S3. If they are brass cases, please let us know.


yes SSt cases! blackened base