Blackstone Ammunition


I stumbled across the website of a lead-free projectile manufacturer in Little Rock, Arkansas called Blackstone Ammunition. Internet searches reveal absolutely nothing other than their own website, and some perfunctory listings in various directories or licensed FFL lists. If active, they would be one of a small number of traditional solid copper hollow point pistol projectile manufacturers, along with Barnes, Magtech, and General Bullet. Given their close proximity to Fedarm / Natmil which is 2.5 hours away in Fort Smith, AR, they might well be the supplier of the solid copper projectiles listed on the Fedarm site?


I just received a response to an email I sent to Blackstone earlier today after I again decided to try and determine what Blackstone is all about. A rep called back and nicely explained a bunch of things, including how they are the manufacturers of the “HT” solid copper expanding projectiles for the Sig line of rifle ammo that uses those, such as the 120gr HT in the .300 Blackout. He said they also manufacture & headstamp brass, and that they do a bunch, but not all of, Sig’s brass. It sounds like based on his explanation that the unprimed brass goes to L-Tech in Kentucky where they prime and load the Sig ammo. It sounded like the usual confusing component sharing situation which we hear about from the likes of Hornady, RUAG, and others.

He went on to explain that the SCHP and Solid monolithic pistol projectiles are not really in production with any major manufacturer as of yet, but they are working on that.