Blackwater headstamps

Just in case it may be of interest:

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Very interesting. They are showing a custom solid copper slug in 12ga, and a custom solid copper hollow point in 9mm which they call HPS, for Hollow Point Solid. I wonder if Maker Bullets manufacturers those for them?

Here are the headstamps they show on the website:


And here is a box image they show for 9mm, interesting to see that they are apparently Maltese-owned now? On older boxes of Blackwater Precision 9mm loaded on SST cases that I have from 2 years ago, the boxes say “loaded in Youngstown, Ohio”:

Has any of the 9 mm with “BWA” headstamp been imported into the United States?

John Moss

I don’t think they have yet. On their website it says that U.S. distribution and the online shop are “coming soon”. I find it strange that they are suddenly either feigning being a foreign brand (with an office in Malta?), or that they have actually been bought out by a Maltese interest. They used to be loaded in Ohio.

Matt, they are two different companies; Blackwater Ammunition is owned by PBM Ltd. from Malta, and Blackwater Precision by Spark Enterprises LLC of Ohio, USA.



Oh, well that explains that. Thanks!

Only Blackwater ammo I could find for sale on the internet was .300 ACC Blackout.

DK, What was the headstamp on the Blackwater precision SST cases???


Lew - that .300 Blackout was probably some stuff made by “Blackwater Precision”? The similarity in name confused me as well, where Fede pointed out that the one showing the headstamps above is out of Malta, and I don’t think any of their ammo at all has made its way into the U.S. yet, but they are hinting that it will with links mentioning U.S. distribution.

The headstamp on the Blackwater Precision 9mm loaded stuff I have n SST cases is the generic “s3” headstamp, or whatever SST was using at the time - two years ago.

Some interesting trivia on the Maltese company - Blackwater Ammunition, it is in fact run by Erik Prince, the former controversial head of Blackwater USA, the private security group which employed around 40,000 security personnel in Iraq, etc… In looking at Wikipedia, he is also apparently the brother of current U.S. Secretary of Education - Betsy DeVos. He’s been touting a military overthrow of Venezuela via mercenaries in recent days:

I see that TargetsportsUSA is the first to have this stuff in stock in the U.S. - all on black-base SST cases.

They now changed to standard brass cases and stopped advertising cartridges using NAS3 cases in all the ammunition lines.

So then these boxes at TargetsportsUSA are the limited initial run which they wont make again with SST cases? Targetsports has a kncack for picking up odd lots like this, as does SGammo.

I met Erik Prince in Dubai a few years ago and he mentioned a move to Malta because of all the attention had caught up with BW in Dubai. He moved several operations there because of the tax ‘benefits’ of being there and the slow implementation of FATCA compliance in that country.

Luckily I ordered some of this ammo just before the panic hit. 100% of the stuff that came in (mostly to Targetsports) has sold out over the past 3 weeks, all of it as of over 10 days ago really. People were just buying anything in 9mm they could find, no matter the price or specialty. I include here a scan of the side of the box, as they do mention Maker Bullets. Most of the other boutique loaders who load Maker Bullets P-Rex do not mention Maker, and more often try to pass it off as their own unique specialty with some tactical sounding name.

Typical weak laser-engraved headstamp here on a SST case:

blackwater 9mm hs


Thanks for the headstamp photo. Got my order in 2.5 weeks ago before Targetsports sold out, so just waiting now for them to catch up on shipping the backlog of orders.

Based upon the information provided by Fede in his post above concerning Blackwater switching to brass cartridge cases, these are probably the only Blackwater ammo lots with the SST cartridge case.