BLAMMO- Ammo Blogger voting results

The results are in:

John Moss won with 18 votes!

Doc AV followed with 7 votes
Jason (APFDS) with 5 votes
Guy Hildebrand and Tony W each got 3 votes
Jean Pierre, Pepper, Ron M., and Slick Rick each got 1 vote.

There seemed to be considerable sentiment that it was impossible to single out any one person, causing many people to not vote.

Indeed, every contribution to the forum is appreciated, and the shared knowledge helps someone.

Thanks to CSAEOD who suggested this effort to recognize those who have helped make this forum so helpful.

I wish to thank everyone who voted, regadless of who they voted for. Appreciation of one’s efforts to contribute to a fine Forum like this are always appreciated. Like everyone else who does, I appreciate the acknowledgment that I contribute something to this Forum. However, I have mixed feelings, as I do not do research or write for any reason connected with a poll like this, nor do I think it is poosible to single out a specific contributor as “top gun” if you will, for any given year.

I make a lot of postings. However, I am also retired and can spend more time in research and browsing the computer than some who is not. I answer questions for several reasons - firstly, of course, is if I have a goodly amount of information and can contribute a meaningful answer. Secondly, if I think of some little thing that was forgotten on much more detailed postins than my own, and third, to start the ball rolling if I feel a solid, interesting question is going unanswered. Sometimes, my information is scant. In short, quantity of postings doesn’t insure quality.

Someone mentioned that quantity doesn’t make quality early own, but I didn’t agree with the context as it referred to quantity of viewings, not postings. The quantity of viewings is a solid measure for the amount of interest generated by the initial posting and those that add to it. It is a different story altogether than “quantity of postings.”

I sincerely hope that most of my answers are solid, documented, and if opinion is involved, I don’t forget to mention I am offering only an opinion - conjecture if you will. I have been found wanting many times, and am grateful for it, as the only important thing is getting the facts out.

My interest in cartridges has always been much more historical than technical. It doesn’t take any brains, thank God, when you have a good library to look something up, or to indetify some case maker, etc. I marvel at some of the truly technical, scientific information that is posted on this Forum, much seemingly right off the top of the head of the contributor. It is incredible the knowledge that is represented by those who contribute to this Forum. Much more than I will ever have. Some answers, I have to even look up the vocabulary to understand them, as they are above my technical level.

To say the least, I am humbled by the vote here. I had asked when the thread opened, through PM to John S., that I not be included. Evidently, I was too late. I honestly feel there were better choices, and certainly none of those nominated, nor many, many other contributors that were not, have to take back seat to ANYONE in their knowledge and contributions to this Forum.
Everyone on it is an equal part of the sum total of benefit this Forum is to every one who is interested in ammunition. Sometimes we argue; sometimes we squabble, but that is the case in every family. I am proud to be part of this one, and if I contribute a little to it, I am happy. There is no single winner here! We all benefit from the knowledge of every other contributor, and their willingness to share it.

Well done John, you deserve the title!

At the end of the day, the sharing of knowledge is the most important thing, and as some of us have been around a day or two longer that some others it is behoven on us to pass that knowledge on.

You do it admirably.


Tony - thanks for the kind words. However, I wish that I had 1/5th the knowledge you do. What some of you guys know is simply incredible. I have a fair general knowledge of guns and ammunition due to 36 years working with it, and 60 years of enjoying the hobby of shooting, collecting, etc. I guess I have a better than fair knowledge of auto pistols, which I used to collect, and the ammunition for them. But Lord, some of you guys know a lot about everything! It is simply mind-boggling to me.

It is an honor to be counted in as a friend of the guys and gals on this Forum.
Hope to see a lot of you at SLICS.

Bravo, John! I look forward to your contributions, and don’t generally feel like the discussion of a topic is complete without your input.

Congrats BIG TIME, John! You deserve it for sure and totally kick ass! :-) I have learned so much from you and I thank ya!


I didn’t vote simply because I think that every single collector adds a very big contribution to the forum with his posts.
We know that the cartridge collecting world is so big that almost every collector is specialized into a single or very few collecting fields.
Well,as a “stranger” to this world ( in Italy there are very few cartridge collectors so we are "out of business) I found the single contributions to my ammo knowledge simply incredible.Auto pistol ammo,wildcats,old european/american cartridges,shotshells,big artillery shells and more info about military ammunition than you can find in every book .I found no BS in this forum and I would like to thank all the forum members for sharing their knowledge.
I also found very nice people in this forum,gentle and ready to help you in every way