BLAMMO prize

An engraved Dillon Precision .30-06 ink pen. Pretty neat, actually. No h/s, but does have a replicated primer. Very accurate rendition, dimentionally. The hull is MAGNETIC! It even comes with a fitted plastic cap! Not some piece of junk. It actually writes! Projectile unscrews for reloading. Get it? Anyway, I’m sure the BLAMMO winner will cherish this priceless addition to his collection. :-)


Please y’all, one up me here! I’m sure Dr. Schmitt and I are not the only ones here with too much junk laying around.

Noted a few hits on this. Not much of a wellspring of respones. So, I’m gonna up the ante here, and will be including an assemblage of cartridge exotica, to make the shipping worthwhile. Will just throw stuff in 'til I hit the weight limit. Don’t get too excited. Ain’t gonna be that big a box.

Wish I felt the merit relevant to the nomination afforded me.
Honored, but like Garth said: I’m not worthy!
I do appreciate the thought.

Those are sweet Rick! Very cool!


I like them Rick !!