Bland punt gun shell

here is a picture of the rear of a Bland punt gun shell.

I am looking for pictures of the whole shell, dimensions, drawing and so on.


JP, I think that sort of base was also used by other makers.

if you have info I am interested

One base close to the Bland (or others) is for a shell from Williams & Powell (courtesy of Jim B.)

Any info (dimensions, aso) n this last one is welcome also


Howdy JP
I was told this was for a Holland & Holland gun.
It is about 81/4" long, mouth is 1.989" and the brass head is 2.085" in dia.

hello Pete !

very nice !!
Doumentation (dimensions and drawings) about these old shells is very difficult to find, a lot more difficult than about the punt gun themselves.

Is it yours?


Pete, great shell! This design was made for a punt gun having the Moore & Grey breech-loading conversion and was offered in five different bore sizes: 1¼, 1½, 1⅝, 1¾, 1⅞ and 2 inches. Also, the shell tube was available with three different constructions: paper (like your example), brass base and paper tube, and all brass. Below you can see a drawing of the breech construction.



great information Fede, thanks very much.

Yes JP, today it’s mine. Bought it for $75 just two days ago from a guy who lives down the road & says he knows you? Val somebody.

JUST KIDDING about just buying it, but it is mine.

Nice cartridge Pete, seen a couple but don’t own any :(.


Hey pete! Just tell val i will come to visit him with my two new wifes asa i m back from asia! Lol