Blank 13x94 PzB 39

Here is interesting cartridge excavated from German positions near Leningrad. Am I right this is PzB 39 (13-mm version) blank cartridge?

If yes, I wandering what 13-mm PzB did in Russia (if we are taking in count what this was AT rifle to cover development of 7.92-mm version) and for what purpose it served? Blank or grenade throwint cartridge?

Thank you!

Yuri, this is a very interesting blank cartridge for the PzB 38 with the 13 mm blank barrel Pl. 13. The headstamp is great too because it includes a reference to Polte drawing Pf 6004b of 1938.

The Woodin Lab has the 6004b on a crushed specimen of the tracer loading. Great headstamp—even to a guy like me.



Thank you for clarification!
Digger reported what also there were cartridges with same head stamp and bullets with aluminum core. But bullets didn’t survive - only cores have remained. And as far as I remember only experimental APs for conical barrels existed in 13-mm caliber? No real APs for this bore? If yes, using PzB38 in combat is something strange for me… Was it logistic error sending them to frontline?

Were not some of the anti-tank rifles converted to grenade launchers?
It is possible the item under discussion was a grenade launching blank.

Gregg, the GrB 39 grenade launcher used a 7.9 x 94 grenade blank designated “Treibpatrone 318”. The PzB 38 in 7,9 x 94 caliber when used for training was designed for two different barrels for 13 x 94 ammunition: practice and blank. I’m not aware of a documented grenade launcher or grenade blank in this caliber.

Any combat variation except experimental Gerlich’s loading type? So what was reason to send PzB 38 to our front?

I think this is the only one known box of this cartridge:,101.0.html

Any combat variation except experimental Gerlich’s loading type? So what was reason to send PzB 38 to our front?[/quote]

The Gerlich load was certainly not for this weapon. It is likelier that the case was used only as a test vehicle.

If is bullet made from wood (what was the usual then), she is in better condition than case , when the cartridge was excavated from German WW2 positions . I am not sure, that this is original sample - bullet.