Blank question w/pics


Found these two blanks in my stuff. The short one is .45 ACP h/s :

Kind of a mealy mix in the bottom third. Any collector interest?

And the shiny one is ? The base is slightly beveled. The wadding is a fibrous material. Not sure if there’s any powder. Can’t hear anything. Brass primer. Non-magnetic. h/s :
U 17

OAL: 2.1125" (Approx. HA!)
Base dia. : 0.527"
Case base dia.: 0.448"
tapers to : 0.426"

Mouth O.D. : 0.296"




The 45 ACP is actually the case from an M15 shot cartridge. Somebody removed the over-shot wad, and shot.

The other is some kind of furiner.



Thanks Ray.

I thought something was missing from the .45. A wad at least. The shotshell aspect makes the most sense. Very similar case to some current .45 fodder I have.

The furriner one is similar to a 7.62 X 54, taper wise. Guess I should have compared while I was in the shop. The wadding is unusal, if original. I thought it was some sort of bug nest at first. Got lot’s of hulls with illegal spider and mud-dauber houses.


I believe it is a 6.5x54R Dutch Mannlicher.