Blank Question


i came accrose a blank round with the headstamp K at 9 oclock, 45 at 3 oclock,  LTG at 12 oclock and 1 at 6 oclock.   When i got it,  the words line throwing were written with it.  Thanks In Advance,   joe

Caliber? Is it 45-70?

Sounds like a cartridge for a Mk1 line throwing gun. LTG probably stands for Line Throwing Gun. K is most likely Kynoch I.C.I… The 45 is most likely 1945.

Pictures are worth a thousand words.


Agree that K is for Kynoch, and LTG is for line throwing gun.

In my opinion it is probably not the .45-70 for the U.S. Navy Mark I line throwing gun.

Greener also made line throwing and harpoon guns, and it is more likely for one of those, although I am not certain of the precise dimensions of those cartridges. There were also earlier line throwing and harpoon guns made on earlier Martini type actions, which used more of a .577-450 case, and it may be one of those.

Some of the Greener guns were imported and sold in the U.S. by Navy Arms.

It is for a Greener line throwing gun & should have a white painted topwad. There is another variation, which I don’t have, that used the cut-down 8mm Austrian rifle cartridge for brass.

These blanks are very common in the UK.

I was told by the late Tony Edwards that they were made for firing a line between airborne aircraft as a means of early mid-air refuelling. This was not succesful and the remaining blanks were presumably sold off.

I believe all of these were based on the 8mm Austrian Mannlicher case. I do not know the reason for this.

Many thanks Fella’s for your hellp on this one.

 It does have a whit paper seal over the mouth end.  The brass rim and case diameter are not as big as a 45-70.  Its size is closer to a 45 Long Colt's

It should have white paint on the reddish Micarta topwad not paper (at least on all I’ve seen) & as both Falcon & I stated the parent cartridge was the Austrian, 8mm Mannlicher rifle (either length, cut-down below the shoulder) so nothing to do with the .45 Colt.