Blanks & Grenade Launcher blanks

Here’s another misinformed seller on GB. I sent him a note but it may be too late. Let’s hope the buyer does not have a grenade launcher. … =123256204


I suppose you are hoping whoever buys them doesn’t have a live HE rifle grenade to go with their launcher…bad idea.

Sorry but…ehm…I can’t understand what’s the problem with that auction.
Aren’t the pictured cartridges blanks?


Yes, they are blanks. Blanks are loaded with a special powder to produce noise. Grenade Cartridges are loaded with a propellant powder which is intended to launch a projectile (grenade). If you try to push a grenade or a bullet out of a barrel with a blank the pressure will be astronomical. Probably destroy the rifle and all eyes, ears, and fingers as well.

Even on the Forum (and in some cartridge collecting books) I see references to Grenade Blanks. When I see such a comment I try to caution the writer or poster to STOP. If we allow that kind of phrase to be used here, an otherwise uninformed individual could take it to mean that Blanks and Grenade Cartridges are the same thing. They are not.


S L didn’t make Grenade Cartridges. (I think)

Pivi-They are standard M1909 NOISE blanks. They would have very little power to launch a grenade. I doubt if they would even propel a Rifle Grenade off the launcher and certainly only a few feet at most. It is not good to have a Rifle Grenade go off 10 feet away!!! U.S. Rifle Grenade Blanks have a rose crimp and are MUCH more powerful.


I run the risk of being a nit-picky SOB but, that is not all there is to it. Blank cartridges fired with any sort of barrel obstruction are dangerous! Even the little red cardboard wad stuck in a barrel or blank-firing device can ruin your whole day. Blank powder burns many times faster than a propellant powder and requires no resistance for it to reach pressure. Even the card wad is there only to keep the powder in the case.

Don’t perpetuate this mis-information.

Show me where I’m wrong.


I was thinking the same as Ron, a live rifle grenade will only go a few feet at most with one of these.


My question is mute now but since I took the time to scan this thing, I’m gonna post it! You guys were to fast for me!

This is, I assume, the same round as posted on GB, but still sealed in the box, correct?

I agree with Ray that it’s a seriously bad idea to ever use the word “blank” in conjunction with grenade launching cartridges. The German army used (uses?) two different descriptions for each: Treibkartusche (propellant charges, or something similar for grenade cartridges) and Platzpatrone (which appears to translate into English with very great difficulty) for blanks. It’s a poor idea to ever call something it isn’t as sooner or later it’ll bite you. JG

Ray–No argrument about firing noise blanks with any type of containment. The pressure curves generated by Noise Blanks and Grenade Blanks are totally different. The Noise Blank would have a VERY sharp pressure rise compared to the Grenade Blank.

I think the crux of Ray’s point is that we should refer to these cartridges as Grenade Cartridges and NOT as Grenade Blanks!


I think the blanks shown on GB are M1909 like what is in your box.

Comment: Life’s experiences have led me to believe that technical terminology is important and things should be called what they truely are. Also, in general, devices for specialty applications are often engineered within a very limited scope of function. That said, “Not with my Garand, you don’t!”

Question: Without a grenade or grenade attachment, if a grenade cartridge is fired, is there much of a report?


[quote=“Shotmeister”]My question is mute now but since I took the time to scan this thing, I’m gonna post it! You guys were to fast for me!

This is, I assume, the same round as posted on GB, but still sealed in the box, correct?


The Blanks shown in the auction were made by St Louis Ordnance Plant, and not made by Lake City as yours were.

But both the Blanks on GB and shown in your picture are “noise” blanks and not grenade cartridges.

Bang on the money Jim.

DaveE-- I have never fired any Grenade Cartridges (See, Ray, I DO learn) but I assume the answer to your question concerning the noise level is “Yes”. Here is a quote from
TM-9-1305-200 (June 1961) Small Arms Ammunition concerning .30 Carbine cartridges:

CARTRIDGE, BLANK–No blank cartridges, as such, have been developed for carbines. However, CARTRIDGE, GRENADE, CALIBER .30, M6 is authorized for issue and use for blank firing purposes in the carbines.

A little off topic but I can’t believe the price these are going for…I give all mine that I find to John S…for the vets…Randy


Interesting observation on your part. I was so steamed that I didn’t even look at the price. $2.50 per each! Looks like I’ll have to get out my cigar boxes. ;) ;)


Ray…GET THE CIGAR BOX OUT…AND I WILL TOO !!!..$2.98 each with the shipping !!!..A couple of years ago in St. Louis, I gave about 15 boxes (20 rds each, L C 69) to John S…FREE !!!..I still have, (I think), about 200 rounds, WW2 vintage…Randy